After the wave of automation of the manufacturing industry, whose shame will be negligible?

The development of science and technology is self -evident on the impact of traditional manufacturing companies, and it must be good. We believe that in the future, intelligent and automated technology will become another foundation stone for human progress.

-The trend of automation industry-

The McKinsey Global Institute said in a 2017 report that under the rapid development of automation, about 375 million people in the world will face re -employment by 2030, of which China accounts for 100 million. The McKinsey investigation report predicts that up to 50%of the world's work can be replaced by intelligent equipment; 60%of the jobs, and 30%of its workload can be used by automated equipment.


With the rapid development of the economy, the total number of labor has declined and the cost of labor is rising. At the same time, economic growth has slowed down. In the future, there will be more number of positions replaced by automation.

-The transformation of labor in the era of automation-

China is walking to an aging society. By 2030, 17%of the population will be over 65 years old. However, at the same time, China will transform from agriculture to manufacturing and service industries. We may also have a large number of labor gaps, and it is difficult to improve production efficiency.
In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of my country's industrial manufacturing industry, during the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" period, the Ministry of Science and Technology led the organization to carry out the "CNC -generation mechanical product innovation application demonstration project", comprehensively promoted the application of CNC technology, improved the independent innovation capabilities and product added value of mechanical products , Vigorously promote scientific and technological progress in the field of industrial manufacturing.
In the future, the development of manufacturing is no longer a large single product, but is small, fast, and customized, and closer to the end user. The focus of manufacturing in the future will be how much added value can be created for consumers. In the face of the market that is highly customized in modernity, the best countermeasures to increase added value are the industrial upgrading of the industry's intelligence and automation. Automated production lines can improve the flexibility of production. However, initial enterprises need to invest more cost resources, but they have become the reason why many companies are stepped back.


-Value of automated production-

Imagine that the production and operation of the factory is the following scene:
In the morning, a company personnel checked the background sales data and found that the product A was selling particularly well. It was notified that the purchase of emergency orders to buy, and there were two raw materials for manufacturing A product, which was A and B. The number is insufficient, so the staff compared the price of the two suppliers in a real time. After confirmation, the supplier sent the raw materials to the manufacturer that day.
In the factory, neat automated production lines and intelligent robotic arms, but there are few workers. Only the production management center personnel set the manufacturing process and specifications through the software system, and check whether the product meets the quality. The rest of the manufacturing, packaging shipments and other processes are handled by robots, and the products are sent to the front -end replenishment the next day.


The above scene is no longer a scene in the future movie, but an automated factory after the upgrading of the modern manufacturing industry. The automated production line can bring the following value to the manufacturing industry:
1. Improve productivity and reduce costs, and become the foundation and strong competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises. Especially for countries like my country that are developing at a high speed, the cost of labor is gradually increasing. At the same price, it is no longer in accordance with the cost benefits that make a single repeated work. Simple and duplicate operational transformation mechanical automation is one of the value of automation production.
2. Automatic monitoring and prevent major issues. Automated production combined with automated testing. The monitoring system contains data from various production links. It can be found early to solve various types of abnormalities, saving a lot of materials, production abnormalities, and maintenance costs.
Third, automated production can accumulate a large amount of data at the same time, such as: the number and frequency of the shipment item, the links and times of problems, the yield of the product, etc. After professional analysis s efficiency.


Throughout history, the advancement of science and technology will inevitably drive changes in life and production methods. In the short term, it is difficult to accept by traditional corporate thinking. In the end, it becomes an accelerator for human development, and it is also the fundamental guarantee for the improvement of human life.
Therefore, in the face of the market where height changes in the future, automated production is almost the most important trend, and it is also the focus of the transformation of the manufacturing industry in the future. When the wave of industrial automation is scattered, the traditional thinking that fails to keep up with the footsteps of the times will be abandoned by the times and leaves sadly.